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Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 01:33 pm Oy with the poodles already!
Heavens to Mergatroid, Winnie, what WERE we thinking? I'm so sorry I was the one who got us into this whole mess. It seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. Afterall, it was in George's best interests.

However, what seems to have been overlooked by EVERYone, including myself, is that it was certainly NOT in our best interests!!! We have had to face much griping and ingratitude, and I am just about sick to death of it.

That wheelchair is just too darn heavy for me to be totin' around everywhere. I'll do it one more week, and then George has to make some phone calls and find a different way of getting to and from doctor's appointments and such.

And the next time I go to the market to pick up his rather extensive list of requested items, HE is going with me. He will also be the one to call in his meds when they need to be renewed AND pay for them. We're not going to be responsible for him financially. We've already spent far more than we should have. I wouldn't mind so much if he were grateful, but to come home on a very hot day after picking out his bed to be greeted with his look of disgust and anger because HE'S a man and HE didn't get to pick out what HE wanted, well, I've just had enough.

Well, I suppose it's best to put it behind us. He's so cotton-pickin worried about hurting his other foot---he can put a pillow or a bolster at the bottom of the bed for mercy sake! Sleeping on the floor....well, I never in my life have been slapped in the face with such ungraciousness!! He can't get up and down from the floor! But I would like to see him try.

We're not sending the bed back for any reason at'all! It's a darn good bed. If he doesn't like it and he whines, he can pay to buy a new one, including having it delivered and set up, AND he can pay for storage rental and having someone pick it up and take it to the storage bin because I'll be darned if we are putting a perfectly good brand new bed down in our basement to just sit!

I guess until just this minute I hadn't realized what the undercurrent issue is that has been bothering me to no end--his lack of gratitude. His lack of recognizing the fact that this was in his best interests, but certainly not in ours.

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