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Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 10:09 am The World Keeps Spinning
Current Mood: determineddetermined
What a busy weekend! The town put on a quite a celebration for all the fathers who live here. There was a picnic on the town square with a polka band playing for hours on the grandstand. The town paid Mrs. Flowers at Rainbow Bakery to make a cake in the shape of a hammer. A little bit of cake with a little bit of town punch and toe-tappin' music is all it takes to get the people of Rainbow Valley out and about.

I was going to take George to the grand event, but he wasn't feeling much up to it and said he really shouldn't go since he wasn't a father. I didn't push him because I'm well aware of his hermit ways. I figured Whimsy and I could go and give him some time to be on his own.

I was pleasantly surprised by the restraint of the residents of Rainbow Village. No one asked Whimsy or I any rude questions. A few asked how George was doing, which I didn't mind answering at all. I suggested to some that they give him a call, that he would appreciate talking with them. That would sure give us a break. For a man with tendences to be a hermit, he sure can talk your ear off. Maybe that's why his neighbors always saw him at his kitchen table talking on the phone. Even though he enjoyed being alone, he also enjoyed company -- as long as he could control it.

We've made headway on getting George his own bedroom. It's just going to take a bit longer to clear out the room and buy a bed. I start to worry a bit about how far we can stretch our finances, but I know that giving always brings something in return. I know that we will make it. Nothing bad can come of giving from your heart. Besides, as soon as George starts receiving assistance, some of that money will come to us. It's just going to take a little time.

We have another outting planned for today. George has his first doctor's appointment since he's been here. It'll be good to get him out. I hope the sunshine and familiar faces and places will cheer him up a bit. And maybe the doctor will have good news for him.
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