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Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 09:27 am A New Resident
Current Mood: determineddetermined
George moved in Friday night. By the time we got him here, he was exhausted, poor thing, and went to bed. Even though it's only been 2 days, it has already been an adventure. Who would have thought that a standard bathroom doorway wouldn't be made wide enough for a standard wheelchair?? We've gotten this one figured out, but it was just another problem to solve.

The rest of the town has started the whispering I knew it would. Everyone wants to know why George has moved in with us. That's his business to tell if he wants to tell. I have only made it into town a couple of times to get medicine and groceries and I was able to dodge the questions. I hope by the time I go out again, the town will have come up with their own answers and leave me alone.

Bessie has been calling. Thank God for Caller-ID! I'm not one for going with every little feature and gadget they have for phones these days, but Caller-ID is sure a life saver when you have a gossiper like Bessie around. I just don't answer the phone when she calls. I know no good will come of it.

George has started to call a few friends to let them know he's doing ok. I don't want to intrude on his conversations, but I keep listening to see if he'll call Ben. While I'm not into gossip, I can't control my curiosity sometimes. It's probably better that I don't hear George talking with Ben because I would only want to ask a million questions and I would have a really hard time keeping my mouth shut.

Well, I'm hearing George rustle. It's time to get him some breakfast. I still haven't rearranged the kitchen shelves so that he can reach the things he'd mostlikely want. Maybe I'll get that done today.
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