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Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 11:37 pm George is coming home!
Current Mood: busybusy
I went to visit George last week. He'd been transfered to a rehab center where they could help him build up his upper body strength and get him ready to take care of himself. I'm awfully proud of him. He's coming along so well they will be releasing him in a few days.

I guess Whimsy and I have gotten quite a reputation for nursing strays back to health. George surprised me during my visit and asked if he could come and stay with Whimsey and I for a while. Seems he'll be wheel-chair bound for a bit longer until he builds up his stamina. Then he'll be on a walker. He needs someone around to help him with a normal routine. Once he's up to it, he'll have to go back to school and learn a new trade. No more delivering for UPS for George. He won't be able to renew his license between his diabetes and having one leg missing.

Staying with us is probably the best move for George, after I thought over his options, though it will also be a big change for him, too. He can't go into hermit mode very well with Whimsy and I buzzin' around. I think interacting with us will do him good, and I good, too. It'll be nice to have a new guest. Plus Whimsy knows a lot about diabetes, being borderline diabetic herself for so many years. We can help him keep on top of a good eating plan. We also can get him interested in all sorts of things for his new career. We're always hatchin' a dream or scheme of one sort or another.

I guess George's family just isn't all that resourceful. They live in small towns (not that we don't!) that just don't have much to offer. While Rainbow Village is small, it's not far from City Dunes where you can find anything under the sun. George's mother...while I don't like to gossip....sounds like she's about to go off the deep end herself. She has a hard enough time taking care of herself and keeping her marriage intact. Taking care of a 50-year-old son is not something she has the emotional strength to do right now. Then there's George's brother. He's on the road most of the time as a truck driver home mostly just on the weekends. While his wife is pleasant enough, she's not the caregiver type.

I guess George got to thinking about all this...that's one thing he's had a lot of time to do -- think. So I'm not surprised he didn't ask family to take him in. Oh, the Lord only knows why he picked me and Whimsy. All I know is, we have the space, we have the energy, we have the love....so why not?

We've been a bit in a scramble ever since he asked. There's so much to do. We finally found a wheelchair ramp today so George can get in and out of the house. We are getting a room ready for him -- clearing out some of our stuff that really had been sitting around for too long anyway. We still need to get him a bed, but he's agreed he can sleep on the couch until a bed finds its way cross our threshold. You know, I guess it is sort of like preparing for a baby. Instead of baby-proofing the house, Whimsy and I have been wheelchair proofing the house. We rearranged the furniture in the living room today to make it easier for a wheelchair to get through and for George to transfer from his wheelchair onto the chaise lounge. Now to make sure he has a clear shot to the bathroom and a place to put his toiletries and the first level of readiness will be done. When he gets here we'll have to find new places for things he'll want to be in reach. And, of course, get his room settled. I guess it'll all happen in due time and me frettin' over it won't make it happen any faster.

Time for me to head to bed. Tomorrow will be a day of waiting and planning. George could be released as early as tomorrow, but they aren't quite sure yet. In the mean time, we'll be "primpin'" the house to make it more accomodating. Oh, what an excellent adventure we are about to embark on!
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